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This page is under construction.  Some information on admissions and enrollment data is below; links to essay prompts will follow in the coming weeks.


Application results for the class of 2021 (Those  entering school in the fall of 2017)

Chicago did not formally release this information this spring for the first time, but I do have a snapshot.  Politics, people.  There is something that they do not want to discuss, or a problem within the admissions department that has slowed them down. However,  Dean Nondorf spoke at a gathering in the late spring, and here are the (somewhat fuzzy) details:  EA/ED acceptance was “in the teens;” regular admitted was 2%, and accepted after being deferred 0.5%. The Dean also said that statistically it is the most competitive class thus far. Overall acceptance is under 8%.

Previous confirmed data (last year) put the admissions GPA at 4.0 weighted, 3.8 range unweighted, an average ACT of 33 and SAT Reading/Math at 1492.  Yep, a tough admit.  But Berkeley sure is catching up . . .

For a quick look at other U Chicago information, particularly essay prompts, please see my home page post Welcome to the Jungle and scroll down.

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