Harvey Mudd Application Essay Prompts for 2019-2020

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While the full Harvey Mudd application does not go live until the Common Application website goes live, you can write the essays now. But beware–any information you upload or write into the Common App before it closes and then reopens at the end of July/beginning of August will be deleted, along with your account.

I have confirmed these 2019-2020 Harvey Mudd prompts after discussing with my contact counselor at HMC, so go ahead and get started with your favorite word-processing tool–just don’t upload them until August:

Harvey Mudd College Required Additional Writing

Short Answer

Please answer the following (500 word limit):
What influenced you to apply to Harvey Mudd College? What about the HMC curriculum and community appeals to you?


Choose any one of the essay topics below (500 word limit):

  1. Many students choose HMC because they don’t want to give up their interests in the Humanities, Social Sciences and the Arts – or HSA as we call it at HMC. Tell us about your dream HSA class. Your answer might (but doesn’t have to) include projects you could do, texts you might want to read, or topics you would want to explore.
  2. “Scientific research is a human endeavor. The choices of topics that we research are based on our biases, our beliefs, and what we bring: our cultures and our families. The kinds of problems that people put their talents to solving depends on their values.” -Dr. Clifton Poodry.  How has your own background influenced the types of problems you want to solve?
  3. What is one thing we won’t know about you after reading your application that you haven’t already reported in the Common Application “Additional Information” section?

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